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We are renowned book publisher for assessment books related to MOE Syllabus, Singapore. We are running Premier Coaching Centre and Workshops for Students/Parents with kids pursuing their Primary and Secondary Level Education.

We have published so far 60 Products under Tamil Assessment books and Audio/Video category for the school students based on the MOE syllabus. After earning the good recognition from Parents / Students for our products and services, now we are under mission to expand our books and classes to others subjects like English, Math and Science from Dec 2020.

We are conducting coaching classes and running workshops for around 5000 students every year to teach the strategies and techniques to approach the subject with more ease and fun. Our Vision is to be a Solution-Provider by imparting the students with key skills tested in MOE Primary Curriculum.


“80% of Success comes from EQ” – Daniel Goleman 

Studies say that, children who are able to understand and manage their emotions (fear, anxiety, confidence level etc.) could unleash their full potential and reap all the benefits of their hard work to score HIGH. We strongly believe in importance of EQ skills after encountering a true event with our Top student. 

Turning Point of Our EQ Story: During Wordsmith’s third year of service, we had a P6 Student who enrolled for coaching in the year starting. Within 3-6 months the student absorbed all the concepts and implemented almost 80% of our strategy-based learnings and methods. He had 2 grade jumps in 6 months and parents were very happy about his remarkable progress.

He was accoladed with “Good Progress Award” at school. Parents, tutors and the student himself was very confident about scoring high marks in exam. But… on the day of exam, the student blacked out on concepts due to fear and anxiety. This incident made us realize that improving EQ (Emotional Quotient) of a student is equally important.

Since then, we have shown impressive results by employing EQ skills in our students.

We believe in concept of EQ for the following reasons:

  • To JUMP GRADE with Consistency
  • To REACH GOAL within Short Time
  • To ACHIEVE BIG in life

How are we different?

We provide holistic education by imparting the best curriculum based learning to achieve faster grade improvement. Emotional Quotient(EQ) part is taken care by our founder/In-house students’ coach to reap the best out of the student’s potential. This is done through term based workshops for students / parents to develop EQ skill in order to address the issues like focus, anxiety, fear, confidence do well in Oral, Listening and Other Exam components.

Our Founder


Mrs. Subha Nandhini

Founder and Director

Mrs. Subha Nandhini Founder and Director of Wordsmith Learning Hub Pte Ltd, Entrepreneur, Peak Performance Coach, Upcoming Author

Wordsmith Director Mrs. Subha Nandhini – an MBA graduate has passion to bring the best curriculum for Primary children to learn it with ease and fun.

She strongly believes that Emotional Quotient (EQ) plays a major role in this generation kids to bring the best out of them. If all the preparation is done at IQ side and EQ side is not up to the best level, then good results may not be achieved by the students. All the effort and time may go invain, if EQ skills like time management, self-discipline & stress management are not handled properly in important exams like PSLE. She coached her two daughters by imparting EQ skills along with right teaching methods. Her eldest daughter is a ACS(I) student went to London School of Economics(LSE), UK and younger one studying at ACJC, Singapore.

As a Peak Performance Coach, she is keen on equipping the students with EQ skills to bring holistic development to achieve good grades within short time. EQ skills includes confidence, self-discipline, self-motivation, time and stress management. She firmly believes that IQ and EQ are two pillars to achieve top grades.

How EQ skills are important in our children?